Accounts Payable

  • Instant Access to Customer Information
  • Built-in Multi-Currency Feature
  • Recurring Invoices
  • Comprehensive Apply Payment Function
  • Apply and Adjust Finance Charges

Accounts Receivable

  • Instant Access to Vendor Information
  • Recurring Invoices
  • Set up Authorized Referenced Accounts
  • Purchase Order Lookup
  • Warning about Duplicate Invoices
  • Built-in Multi-Currency Feature
  • Flexible Check Printing Options

Bank Reconciliation

  • Manage Bank Account
  • Easy Bank Account Reconciliation
  • Easy View of Real Time Cash Position
  • Purchase Order Lookup

General Ledger

  • Financial Report Drill-Down
  • Support Multi-currency Transactions
  • Journal Entry Creation and Editing
  • Flexible Budget Set Up and Export/Import
  • Multi-Segment Chart of Accounts Offers Maximum Flexibility

Purchase Order

  • Instant Access to Vendor Information
  • Enhanced Vendor Maintenance Functions
  • Comprehensive Inventory Information
  • Financial Report Drill-Down


  • Flexible Setup
  • Inventory attributes capture product knowledge
  • Multiple inventory types eliminate traditional limits
  • Cost factors/formulas/methods reflect your requirements
  • Bar code capabilities improve speed and accuracy

Management Reports

  • Income Statement
  • Cash Flow
  • Balance Sheet
  • Financial Snapshot
  • Trial Balance
  • Budget

Our Products

We provide a true fully integrated solutions that require no third party interface in order to link 2 different systems.
With One Stop Solutions (OSS), total cost of investment will be greatly reduced without purchasing additional hardware and achieve ease of systems maintenance.

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