Hospitality Management Solutions

  • Consultancy
  • Systems Operational Audits
  • Systems Selection analyzing,refinements, terms and conditions, additional costs and guarantees spelt out by supplier and analysis of solution’s desirability in hotel operations of expertise
  • Systems review & planning
  • Vendor negotiations
  • Functional specifications, information needs review till drafting RFP (if required)
  • Spa Management
  • Training and Implementation project coordination
  • Hospitality IT Optimization Consultants – preparation of strategic technology plan for hospitality property
  • Technology Investment Consulting
  • Sourcing of hospitality automation including networking and cabling
  • Drafting Standard Operational Procedures (SOP)

Our Products

We provide a true fully integrated solutions that require no third party interface in order to link 2 different systems.
With One Stop Solutions (OSS), total cost of investment will be greatly reduced without purchasing additional hardware and achieve ease of systems maintenance.

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