Solutions and Services

Our goal is to create the image of guest satisfaction driven hospitality organization that provides business growth by leveraging on IT for all our valued clients. This is with a long term vision through a carefully defined roadmap in consultation with our clients for all technology investments.

It is believe that hospitality industry has much more to offer and through a focus delivery of solutions and services which allows us to understand the industry better.

Our Solutions

Whilst it answers the day-to-day needs, the efficiency of multiple solutions functioning as an integrated solutions and retention of existing business clientele is always subjective. It would require tremendous effort from a hotel effort to put all fragmented solutions to work as one leave alone supporting an “integrated” solution through interfacing. Reporting is made easier with a tight integration with minimal number of solution vendors and benefits in consolidating data from all operational areas through computerization to produce meaningful data for decision making and marketing strategies.

We are committed to provide hospitality innovation to enhance the value of our clients business with high industry acumen skills and delivery. A wide range of consulting services provides total business processes, optimization and integrated benefits. There is no comparison with differentiation we have created and continuously enhanced.

Hospitality Solutions

Albatrozz is committed to bring the hospitality world quality middleware solutions leveraging on the latest technology that fits into the gap between traditional hospitality solutions vendors and hospitality entity owners and/or management. The hospitality operational requirements and yet affordable. When compared against the cost savings and/or potential revenue from implementing solutions which are niche of the areas of specialization.

  • Short Messaging System (SMS)
  • In - House TV production
  • Digital Signage Products
  • RFID Applications
  • Website development & enhancement review
  • CRM
  • Data Mining
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Hotel PMS Management
  • Hospitality Management Solutions

Hospitality Management Solutions

  • Golf Club Management
  • Marina Management
  • Golf Tee Time Booking & Registration
  • Facilities Management
  • Golf Tournament & Handicapping Management
  • Financial Accounting
  • Buggy/Caddy Management
  • Course Maintenance Management
  • Point-of-Sales (POS)
  • Web Reservation Management
  • Event Management
  • Kiosk Management
  • Spa Management
  • Visitor Passport Management

Our Products

We provide a true fully integrated solutions that require no third party interface in order to link 2 different systems.
With One Stop Solutions (OSS), total cost of investment will be greatly reduced without purchasing additional hardware and achieve ease of systems maintenance.

  • CLUB ON - Golf Club & Membership Management System (MMS)
  • HOTEL ON - Hotel Property Management Systems (Hotel PMS)
  • POS ON - Point of Sales Restaurant Management System
  • MARINA ON - Marina Operation Management System
  • CRM ON - Customer Relationship Management System
  • FAS ON - Financial Accounting Management System
  • POLO ON - POLO Management System
  • SPA ON - Medical & Spa Management System

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